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AxKit Wiki?

Welcome to the AxKit Wiki. This wiki contains information and documentation about AxKit - the Apache XML Application Server->. This is a completely writable web site - you may freely add and change pages. However please read the WikiLicense before contributing text here.


Introduction to AxKit - An introduction to AxKit, the XML Application Server for Apache.

AxKit Quickstart - Get up and running with AxKit quickly!

AxKit Manual Pages - POD Documentation for AxKit.

AxKit FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Introduction to XSP - An introduction to eXtensible Server Pages.

XSP Guide - A guide to using eXtensible Server Pages with AxKit.

XPathScript Guide - Guide to XPathScript, a template processing technology native to AxKit.

Known bugs - The Few, The Bad, and The Ugly.

XML Reference Card - links and essential information on all topics surrounding XML on the Web.


Introducing AxKit-> by Barrie Slaymaker->

XSP, Taglibs and Pipelines-> by Barrie Slaymaker->

Taglib TIMTOWTDI-> by Barrie Slaymaker->

An AxKit Image Gallery-> by Barrie Slaymaker->

PDF Presentations Using AxPoint-> by Kip Hampton->

Quick AxKit Configuration Example - A quick and useful default setup.

How Tos - Short "How-To's" on various more advanced topics.

Presentations - AxKit Presentations.

Fun with ESQL-> - A tutorial on how to mix the ESQL taglib with other taglibs.

AxKit on Red Hat 9 - Shows how to install AxKit on a clean installation of Red Hat 9

SAX with Perl - Slightly off-topic, a tutorial on doing SAX parsing with Perl.

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