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Daily Churn

This page contains URLs and comments talked about on the AxKit IRC channel. The information is recorded by an IRC bot written using POE, and written out to an RSS 1.0 file, using RDF and dublin core metadata.

baud_x : MetaXML
baud_x : I think we need to support this in AxKit. It's a brilliant idea.

ubu-lap : Not really AxKit related, but still inspiring. Could folks in *your* town use something like this?

baud_x : Not axkit related, but this one was just too good not to blog it.

baud_x : Wonder if there's any place for axkit in all that.

baud : Basically a beginners introductory course for cocoon. An idea I think we should steal^H^H^H^H^H borrow.
pdcawley : :SAX?

baud : This is a neat idea stolen from Oracle, very useful for threaded discussions
baud : The idea is simple - given a table that contains id and parent_id, you can do one query to get back all the data

baud : Take that, XML!
barries : F:D is supposed to do a good job at plucking strings out of SAX streams :)

baud_work : Very cool to see this stuff finally start to appear.
baud_work : Also downloadable (open source?) at

baud : Book now out. Guess we should start working on the axkit port ;-)
barries : :F::D being used to build a data structure from DBML, a language that describes DBs:

baud : (mine aren't but seem to work anyway ;-)

baud : This has been a long standing issue, now fixed (using

surf_baud : A long title, but an interesting subject
surf_baud : (by me!)

baud : They're going to go after people like Unisys did

ubu : Yes, it's a sick idea; it's also a pretty cool app.

baud_work : Including multiple performance patches!
baud_work : Can this thing get any faster? ;-)

baud_work : Barrie Slaymaker's next article in the series on about AxKit
baud_work : Presenting logic sheets, and some other nifty new stuff in AxKit 1.6, like AxTraceIntermediate

baud_work : Matt Sergeant nominated in two categories!
baud_work : Vote early and often ;-)

ubu : See for how to report problems

sheriff : Feedback about Callisto
sheriff : CHURN

ubu : Michael Nachbaur (NachoMan for those who frequent #axkit) has announced the initial public release of Callisto, a fully-featured content management system based on AxKit.

baud_work : Sablotron 0.95
baud_work : "Finally, there is a new version of Sablotron available. With very minor
baud_work : exceptions (we treat them as bugs now) it fully implements XSLT 1.0,
baud_work : XPath 1.0 and DOM Level2. In addition, some EXSLT (XSLT 1.1) extensions
baud_work : (JavaScript functions, multiple output documents) are also implemented."

ubu : Just in time to help you finish your late YAPC or OSCon Slides on time.
ubu : um, okay, just to clarify: AxPoint won't magically alter the fabric of time and space to make your already-late presentation appear on time (that's planned for version 3), but it *will* probably help you get done faster.

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